Webinar: Going All In to Improve Health through Multi-sector Collaboration and Systematic Data Sharing

Going All In to Improve Health through Multi-sector Collaboration and Systematic Data Sharing


This webinar, co-hosted by Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH) and County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, digs into promising practices for sharing data and connecting information systems, as well as how to address barriers to multi-sector collaboration in hopes of uniting across communities to address the social determinants of health. Representatives from community-based organizations in Trenton, NJ and Chicago, IL  share their stories about building capacity for multi-sector data sharing and how they’ve leveraged opportunities for peer connections through All In.

Projects Showcased

Legal Assistance Foundation and its partners facilitated attorney involvement in immigration reform advocacy and equipped the community with the tools to decrease health-harming legal issues they commonly experience.

This collaborative initiated a “Safe & Healthy Corridor” along Brunswick Avenue, coordinating and building on existing and planned activities to improve the environment within that section of Trenton’s North Ward. 

Additional Resources

Get the highlights on this webinar, hosted by All In and County Health Rankings & Roadmapsm which features two local collaborations working to integrate multi-sector data and shares resources to help communities advance their efforts.

Download a list of supplemental resources shared during and after the webinar, including resources related to:

  • All In: Data for Community Health
  • County Health Rankings and Roadmaps
  • Information on community projects that presented
  • Data sharing case studies
  • Legal considerations for sharing data
  • Using big data and analytics for public health
  • Collecting data on social determinants of health 
  • Community and stakeholder engagement for data collection and use

This document summarizes the wealth of resources that were shared during the follow-up Q&A discussion session.