Sustainably Financing Community Health

Sustainably Financing Community Health -
Parts 1 and 2

Recording - Part 1

Recording - Part 2

Slides - Part 1

The first webinar focused on ReThink Health’s new financing primer, Beyond the Grant, and helped participants reframe how to approach financing and investment for long-term, sustainable health reform.

Slides - Part 2

In the second webinar, participants heard about alternative financing models from around the country and learned how others are using pay for success contracts and community investment to pursue sustainability.

Additional Resources

Read a summary of the questions asked by participants during the webinar and the answers provided by the presenters.

This webinar series was originally presented as a 3.5-hour deep dive workshop at the All In National Meeting. Resources from this workshop are posted on the All In online community. 

The Urban Institute’s Pay for Success Initiative (PFSI) serves as a knowledge intermediary for pay for success (PFS) projects at all stages of development and implementation. 

This Urban Institute report is intended as a practical tool for those seeking to understand how capital does and does not flow to communities, businesses, and households. This can inform efforts by community developers to identify projects in need of financing, raise capital, and design and market new financial products and services.

This RWJF report describes how pioneering hospitals around the country are investing in their communities and engaging in population health initiatives to overcome the failure of the market to deliver the goods and services that disadvantaged communities need.

The Nonprofit Readiness for Health Partnership tool helps community-based organizations that are considering partnering with healthcare organizations identify capacity or investment needs so that they can be well positioned to explore partnership opportunities.

Pay for Success is an innovative approach to addressing persistent social problems. On this Nonprofit Finance Fund website, you will find resources and insights from across this emerging field.

This Nonprofit Finance Fund report explores how collaboration between human services organizations and health systems can help people experience better health outcomes.

Nearly 90% of multi-sector partnerships depend overwhelmingly on short-term sources of funding – namely, grants. It’s time to explore new financing frontiers! Beyond the Grant, a new resource from ReThink Health, offers practical, user-friendly tools to answer common financing questions and develop action plans for moving beyond the grant.

The goal of this worksheet is to begin to explore and prioritize the financing structure(s) that best fit the capabilities and needs of your partnership or organization.This exercise will help you evaluate various financing structures by considering them in light of one of your interventions or integrative activities.

What does it take to access different financing structures? Which structures have the greatest potential, and in what circumstances? This typology helps multi-sector collaborations answer these questions.