Project Showcases

All In Project Showcase Webinar Series

The All In project showcase webinar series highlights insights and lessons from local collaborations sharing data across sectors to improve community health. Below you will find resources, recordings, and other materials from past webinars, as well as information about upcoming webinars. 

Food for Health: Improving Community Health by Addressing Food Insecurity

This All In project showcase webinar featured two projects that are creating new linkages between health systems and food systems to better serve their communities. While promoting individual health is a primary aim, these projects are demonstrating how focusing on food security can reap benefits for the healthcare sector and the community as a whole.

Improving Precision in Public Health through Innovative Data Sharing Approaches

This All In project showcase webinar featured two public health departments, Chicago and Baltimore, that are creating a culture of innovation in their communities by using collaborative, data-driven approaches to examine health trends at the local level and target resources and programs more efficiently for the greatest impact.

Using Big Data and Analytics to Improve Public Health

This All In project showcase webinar featured two projects actively working to leverage multiple big data sets and apply advanced analytics to better identify issues, prioritize interventions and policies, and allocate resources. These collaborations, led by researchers and public health departments, are at the forefront of the movement to leverage big data to drive community health improvement.

Developing Data Systems for Care Coordination Using Patient-Centered Approaches

This All In project showcase webinar featured two project teams developing a system that integrates data from sectors such as medical, behavioral, social services, and education to improve care coordination for special needs populations. Children’s Comprehensive Care Clinic is working to build a customized tool while Altair is working with a health information exchange.

Leveraging User-Centered Technology to Improve Health

This All In project showcase webinar featured presentations from two project teams (Essential Access Health and HealthInfoNet) that are designing and implementing user-centered, interactive applications that leverage data from EHRs and other sources to improve the health of under-resourced populations.