Empowering Cross-sector Data Sharing to Improve Health and Public Safety

Empowering Cross-sector Data Sharing to Improve Health and Public Safety


This All In webinar featured communities that are leveraging partnerships between public health, mental health, and law enforcement agencies to share data across sectors and develop strategies that drive population health solutions.

Projects Showcased

Dupage County Health Department is using its PHNCI grant to advance strategies such as cross-sector teams comprised of a mental health clinician and a DuPage County sheriff’s deputy to conduct follow-up visits with individuals with potential mental health issues who have previously encountered law enforcement and link them to the appropriate care.

Camden ARISE (Administrative Records Integration for Service Excellence) combines information from public data systems to create a multi-dimensional picture of citywide challenges. By linking information from multiple data systems, including criminal justice, healthcare, and housing, Camden ARISE can help drive better decisions about allocation of resources and address the root causes of recurring public problems.

Additional Resources

Read a summary of the questions asked by participants during the webinar and the answers provided by the presenters.

This PHNCI blog shares how the health department and sheriff’s office in DuPage County, IL are partnering to coordinate mental health care for individuals who have previously encountered law enforcement. 

This Camden Coalition blog shares how through ARISE, they are partnering with the city’s police to research the complex factors driving high-utilization in both health care and the criminal justice system.