Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines for the All In Virtual Community

Thank you for registering for the All In online community on HealthDoers, the online discussion and collaboration space for those involved in All In: Data for Community Health initiative.

While the All In community is meant to be a place for lively discourse, making connections, and contributing opinions, please remember that we do have a few ground rules that you’ll need to follow in order to remain a member (e.g., this is not a place to sell goods or services, lobby for legislation, engage in political campaigning, posting inappropriate content, etc.).  By completing the registration process for the community, you have agreed to follow our community policies and rules.  Please take a moment to read them below and email or reach out to our community team via the chat button at the bottom right of each page, if you have any questions or suggestions.

We’re so excited that you’ve joined us, and we’re looking forward to your participation in the All In community.

We encourage you to share your experiences, ask questions, post resources, respond to posts from others, build relationships, and apply ideas from others to enhance the work in your own communities.  There are specific types of messages that we consider inappropriate and ask you to refrain from doing, including:

  1. Posting content and materials of an obscene, graphic, offensive, discriminatory, or pornographic nature
  2. Engaging in inappropriate behaviors, such as hazing, bullying, defamation and intolerance
  3. Using the site for unacceptable purposes such as commercial advertising, political campaigning, or over self-promotion
  4. Engaging in improper posting practices, such as spamming, going off-topic, or deliberately posting content you do not have a legal right to share

This is a community site.  We encourage everyone to tag inappropriate content via the chat button or by emailing Site administrators will remove inappropriate content and notify the poster of our actions. Members engaging in egregious or repeated violations of these rules may be removed from the site.  Thanks for helping us keep this site a vibrant and welcoming place for the exchange of ideas and experiences!



Sharing. We want to know what you are working on, thinking about, reading or discussing. Seriously – if it’s about your work and it’s on your mind, it’s interesting to us!

Questions. We don’t think that there is any question that is too obvious to ask. Often the simplest question is the most profound. Questions are triggers for others to share what they know – which they might not realize they know. If there is something you are curious about, pondering, don’t understand or want to hear from a peer – ask!

Knowledge. Knowledge and resources are great things. Unfortunately, expertise and lessons learned about improving healthcare are currently siloed. Help your peers and industry consolidate invaluable information. What seems simple to you may be a revelation to others. Don’t leave anyone to start from scratch.

Discussion. We grow and learn and do our best when we have others to bounce ideas off of. Did another member make a point you agree with? Don’t just nod your head, speak up! Jump in and share a comment. Maybe someone stated an approach that happens to have been unsuccessful for you in the past? It is ok to share a difference of opinion or experience. That may mean disagreeing – respectfully – with their ideas. You can do this in a supportive, comfortable way by prefacing an opinion with ‘In my experience…’ or ‘… has worked well for me’ or ‘I feel like…’ which leaves room for others to have different points of view. In either case, don’t be shy about getting involved.

Participation, input and feedback. Don’t see that great article about payment reform that you’re looking for? Think the community needs more on behavioral health? Make it happen! The more the merrier. Go ahead and share what you feel is missing.

Appropriate Placement. Please post your message or documents to the most appropriate lists or libraries. The community tone is disrupted by spam posts to several lists or libraries with the same message. Aim for your messages to add to the body of knowledge. We do reserve the right to reject any message for any reason. If you have questions about this, reach out!


Attacks. Attacking or singling out people by name for criticism (whether community members or not) does not help us move forward or learn more. We’ll give you two strikes for this type of thing and then, goodbye. While we encourage challenging each other, that is best done from a supportive vs critical position.

Sensitive Information. This is an online community with many members. Please be aware of this when posting information about your work. Likewise, please do not share proprietary information that may be detrimental to others.

Naming Names. We are happy to discuss challenges and how to overcome them. To describe the challenge, it is not necessary to call out individuals involved by name. So don’t expose all the identifying details, others can help you solve the problem without knowing all the gory details.

Sales Pitches. Nobody likes a fox in a hen house. This community is for knowledge sharing, not sales pitches. So please do not post commercial messages on any discussion list, resource library entry, or other area where others might see it.


It is best practice to include a signature tag on all messages. Include your name, affiliation, location so people understand your perspective without having to leave the discussion to visit your profile.

State concisely and clearly the topic of your comments in the subject line. This allows members to respond more appropriately to your posting and makes it easier for members to search the archives by subject.


This site is provided as a service for the All In: Data for Community Health initiative by the HealthDoers Network. The HealthDoers Network is not responsible for the opinions and information posted on this site by others. We disclaim all warranties with regard to information posted on this site, whether posted by the HealthDoers Network or any third party; this disclaimer includes all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness. In no event shall the HealthDoers Network be liable for any special, indirect, or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data, or profits, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of any information posted on this site.

Use caution when discussing products. Information posted on the lists and in the libraries is available for all to see, and comments are subject to libel, slander, and antitrust laws. All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials are strictly prohibited. Do not post anything that you would not want the world to see or that you would not want anyone to know came from you. Do not post any information or other material protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner.

By posting material, the posting party warrants and represents that he or she owns the copyright with respect to such material or has received permission from the copyright owner. In addition, the posting party grants the HealthDoers Network and users of this site the nonexclusive right and license to display, copy, publish, distribute, transmit, print, and use such information or other material. Messages should not be posted if they encourage or facilitate members to arrive at any agreement that either expressly or impliedly leads to price fixing, a boycott of another’s business, or other conduct intended to illegally restrict free trade.

Messages that encourage or facilitate an agreement about the following subjects are inappropriate: prices, discounts, or terms or conditions of sale; salaries; profits, profit margins, or cost data; market shares, sales territories, or markets; allocation of customers or territories; or selection, rejection, or termination of customers or suppliers. The HealthDoers Network does not actively monitor the site for inappropriate postings and does not on its own undertake editorial control of postings. However, in the event that any inappropriate posting is brought to the attention of the HealthDoers Network we will take all appropriate action. The HealthDoers Network reserves the right to terminate access to any user who does not abide by these guidelines.


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